The Future of
Influencer Marketing


Why do you need Upfluence Search Engine?


1. Identify top Influencers

You get instant access to 1.2M+ Influencers in 250+ industries. 

You can perform complex searches relying on 20+ criteria, both quantitative - social media, industry & more - and qualitative - engagement rates, traffic history....

2. Pick The Best Fit

Make sure you will get in touch with the right people.

You have full access to latest social posts &  historical performances - so you can make the right decisions.

3. Contact Them at Scale

No credits to buy, no profile to unlock here. We provide you with the full contact details - including personal emails & social media profiles.

You can contact your influencers directly in the software, and launch your campaigns in minutes.

4. Manage your Influencer Marketing campaigns

Because all influencer marketing campaigns are different, we made sure that the software covers all types of campaigns: outreach, sampling, paid and affiliate ones.

Integrated features address all the critical aspects of influencer marketing: briefing, reporting, payment, workflow and team management... you name it, there's a tool for that! Make the most of your campaign with a complete influencer marketing suite at your fingertips.

Are you ready for the next PR revolution?


- They are ready -

"Upfluence helped HYT to implement its communication strategy by identifying relevant influencers to deliver an authentic and conversational message"
- C. Biessy, Communication Director at HYT Watches
"Consumers today rely more and more on influencers in whom they place their trust."
- A. Michaelis, Head of Corporate Marketing at Ricola AG